July MFA seminar: documentation and artist statement


From the ground up.

The making of this work has relied on a series of visits to a single place and a process of co-authorship; an openness to what has been offered up at each visit.

Drilling back into the timeline of this place reveals a series of excavations, modifications, transgressions and re-purposings.

Verdant valley, consecrated ground, multi-laned highway, stoner retreat, vagrant shelter.

In this place I am at once observer and catalyst, forager and witness.

A leap of faith, the animistic magnetism of the objects themselves, the willingness to use the Force – elements that are all at play in these exchanges.

A second layer of co-authoring occurs when the objects are re-visioned and re-presented. Here these taonga are offered as meditative totems. The book provides some insight into their provenance and the ways in which they orbit and intersect each other.

Fragment (IN)

Fragment (JOHN)

Fragment (Midden I)

Fragment (Midden II )

Fragment (Midden III)

Fragment (Umber-brown)

Inkjet digital prints, various sizes


Becky Nunes, 2013


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