Fantail Cove

Hash said he’s had a dream telling him to come and live under Grafton Bridge. His first camp was under the big Rimu. He shared it with Allen, and they called it Base Camp One. The Government moved them on so they set up Base Camp Two further down the slope. One evening as they sat visiting with the gang girl in the Penthouse they saw a glow through the trees. Someone had stolen their stuff and set fire to the camp. Now Hash lives down the bottom, at Fantail Cove. His dad wants him to come and stay with him at Snell’s Beach, but Hash reckons that he’s on a mission here, so he’s not going.

Hash dreams of developing that lower area. With its fresh water and sloping gully sides he can imagine a fantastic water park, with a flying fox and big swings. He’s going to make a film about it.

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